Welcome to TelstraDev, Telstra's home for APIs

Back in February 2015, at the APIdays conference in Sydney, we announced the preview of Telstra’s new API Developer portal. At the time, this consisted of a public SMS API. We limited the preview to a small group of developers.

In June 2015, we opened up access to all developers. You can now register at our API Developer portal.

Once registered and signed in, you can learn more about the available APIs through guides, code snippets and sample apps. You can request and manage API keys at the MyApps pageMyApps page, and even try the APIs directly via the TRY IT NOW link.

In the past few months, we’ve added additional APIs, such as Mobile Connect and Wifi Locator. But we’re not done yet. We’ll be adding more APIs that provide access to information and services from Telstra. We hope you’ll find these useful and allow you to create something innovative. Subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date.

Feel free to provide us with feedback through the forums, email telstradev@team.telstra.com, or tweet using the hashtag #telstradev.

And if you do create something great, don’t forget to let us know what you’ve done. We’re always interested in what developers are doing with a few simple APIs.