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by Earvin

Hi, I've specified the callbackData during the provisioning request, however I am unable to see this pass through the body when notifyURL gets called. Is this data suppose to come through when notifyUrl is invoked on your end? My aim is to link a reply to an initial sms being sent out, however the sms reply does not have any reference back to the broadcasted message (which v1 was able to do). Any ideas on how to approach this? callbackData : {  anything : "test" }

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi earvin_pepito

Which language/platform are you using? 

The data will be sent to the endpoint you specify in the notifyURL as POST data, in PHP you can use an INPUT capture and in javascript you can use a socket listen. 

Heres an example of the type of data that gets sent to the notifyURL 

"to":"+61472880343","from":"+61400000000","body":"hello world","sentTimestamp":"2018-05-11T15:27:01","messageId":"NMASApiA0000014817"}


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