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PHP - Messaging API

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by Garry

PHP - Messaging API
Hi is there amy better PHP Example code?  the Github example, says to include autoload.php there is no such file Manual Install its unclear and that Composer will certainly end up turning PHP into a bloatware Object Oriented thing so please dont support that dont even poke it with a stick (the proliferation of brainless object oriented code is exactly why computers these days run slower than ever before AND when it breaks nobody can fix it) there is no such file as autoload (for manual installation) in the download, from giithub Thanks Garry Alice Springs

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi Gary

Yup totes agree that composer can be a bit memory hungry sometimes but the one thing it does well is get and create the libs needed for the code to run. 

We are using the openapi-generator project at the moment to gen the SDKs, there is a few php options including Zend and Slim but even those will use composer to set up. 

If it helps i have a basic wrapper in a demo i wrote last year (needs some updates) that demonstrates how to use the APIs without a SDK 


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