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API documentation issues and other odd bugs

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by William

API documentation issues and other odd bugs
G'day, I've been trying to implement the SMS messaging API and noticed bits of documentation that is lacking which is making it difficult to create a proper implementation around it. Specifically, for Send SMS:
  • The Country element returned as a response says it's a "string", the description says it's an array but what you get back is not an array of strings at all. It appears to be an array of key/value pairs, where a country code is the key (string) and the number of messages delivered to the country is the value (int). Are the country codes based on any sort of standard we can refer to?
  • Why is Country in PascalCase in this field but everything else is in camelCase?
  • What are the valid values for deliveryStatus? Is this an enumerated type or free text? It appears to be an enumerated type but none of the enumerations are defined.
The MMS APIs are similar but I haven't gotten around to implementing them so haven't got a list for that. I looked quickly and see for Retrieve MMS Responses the status attribute has what appears to be a value from an enumerated list but this list isn't defined anywhere. I've also noticed that when I send an SMS message to multiple recipients using broadcasting, the messageId and messageStatusURL for both messages are the same. The API documentation says they should be different. Therefore, I'm unable to get the status of messages other than the first one. Is this a bug or something I've done wrong? The returned result clearly says two messages and the mobile numbers for each message are different but the message ID and message status URLs are the same. What causes a message to be flagged for "suspicious content"? I've been playing and in order to test message size limits, tried to SMS The Man From Ironbark to myself. When I attempted to do this slightly under the documented message length limit of 1900 characters, the API told me it was "flagged as containing suspicious content" but when I reduced it to something around 900-1000 characters, it went through. What is the format for faults returned by the API? This does not appear to be documented anywhere. I guessed based on responses I was receiving but it would be good if the syntax for faults was documented so we can make Execption wrappers around them. Thanks

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi wwood

Thanks for reaching out, some awesome feedback in there.

Let me work through this one with the team and come back to you 

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