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Provisioning multiple numbers?

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by William

Provisioning multiple numbers?
G'day, This is my second question regarding the API. I'm in the process of writing an app which enables users to send messages out in bulk for our business. A requirement of this is I need to compartmentalise the messages sent and received within this app. The app does this well but what I can't figure out is how to handle people replying to the SMS messages or if they simply decide to send a message willy nilly to the mobile number. I've been using the same API key to send the messages for each compartment but this sends all messages from the same mobile phone number. That would probably be fine except sometimes the recipients of these messages respond and sometimes we need to actually see what these responses are. As different users of the app maintain their own list of recipients, I need to know which user sent the message that was responded to so the received message can be delivered back to them. The only way I can figure out how to do it is to assign a different mobile phone number for each "user" of the app so responses to messages they send can be delivered back to them. The problem with this is, I can't see how I can do this with the API. The API lets me provision a service but it only seems to let me provision a single service for a given API key. I can register another API key to provision another service which will give me another mobile phone number but this seems like overkill, plus it can't be automated (as far as I can tell). Is this the only way I can obtain multiple numbers for my app? If so, is there a way to script this behaviour or must I manually generate a new API key for every user? I am currently using the free service but I need the answer to this problem before I can go live and thus start paying for it. Thanks,

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi wwood

Heres how i did that in a demo that allows users to create sms lists and demo at 

The number provisioning currently is 1:1 so you get 1 number per app api key, for PAYG it just means you create the apps against the PAYG org 

The way i did it in that demo app was to send and receive from the one number when users interacted with a list keyword but it could easily be changed to handle multiple api keys for multiple groups, also thought about having dedicated numbers only for pro or elevated users of the app. 

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