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"NoContent" error from the provisioning number

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by Michael

"NoContent" error from the provisioning number
Hi I get a "NoContent" error when try to get a dedicated number. I am using 2 messaging apis, both get the same error.   REQ URL : REQ Data : grant_type=client_credentials..................... RES Result : { "access_token": "uvaJkGpumJi54gAFXnkOk16bHQJt", "expires_in": "3599" } REQ URL : REQ Data : {"activeDays":30,"notifyURL":"","callbackData":{}} RES StatusCode : NoContent

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi michael_1

That error message relates to the provisioned number(s) exceeding our limit of 5 years in expiration. 

For more check the 204 respondse code at

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