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MMS callbacks not being received

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by Scott

MMS callbacks not being received
Have provisioned a new subscription with a notifyUrl. SMS triggers callback fine but I am not getting a callback for MMS. This has been working fine in the past (a month or two ago) during our initial PoC.

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by David

Setting callbacks on MMS

Hi Scott,

I successfully tested using notifyURL for MMS just now (I used the service).

During POST Send MMS I've structured my JSON as such;

  "to": "NUMBER",
  "subject": "some subject",
  "replyRequest": false,
  "notifyURL": "",
  "MMSContent": [
                "type": "image/jpeg",
                "filename": "image004.jpg",
                "payload": " ............


Feel free to send me an email at with the response you're getting, any code snippets, etc.


David Freeman (the TelstraDev team)

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by Scott

Hi David,
Hi David, Thanks for the reply. I did some testing today and found a correlation with the size of the image and failure of the callback to get triggered. My scenario requires users send a MMS via their phone to the provisioned number which is then processed by the backend via a webhook (notifyUrl configured when setting up the subscription). If the image sent is greater than 500KB (ish) the callback never occurs. For images smaller than this it works a treat. I read on the API docs that the max size on Telstra network is 2MB with other networks less but greater than 500KB. The test device was on the Telstra network but I was still observing the apparent 500KB limit. Any further insight you may have would be grateful. Thanks Scott

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi Scott.scovell

MMS back in is a little tricky because the incoming messages are still bound by the 2 meg rule, if the image is too big it wont be delivered due to the way the API works with handling the image body. 

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