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When Using The Ruby SDK I'm Getting a "Bad request" Error

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by thoran

When Using The Ruby SDK I'm Getting a "Bad request" Error

The following (not the prettiest code): ... 

def deliver raise unless content && phone_number begin authentication_api_instance = p access_token = authentication_api_instance.auth_token(api_key, api_secret, grant_type) p access_token.access_token rescue Telstra_Messaging::ApiError => e puts "Exception when calling AuthenticationApi->auth_token: #{e}" return end Telstra_Messaging.configure do |config| config.access_token = access_token.access_token end message_segments.each do |message_segment| begin p send_sms_request = = phone_number send_sms_request.body = message_segment @responses << messaging_api_instance.send_sms(send_sms_request) rescue Telstra_Messaging::ApiError => e puts "Exception when calling MessagingApi->send_sms: #{e}" end end p @responses p messaging_api_instance.get_sms_status(message_id) if delivered? {success: true} else {failure: true} end end 


# "8uWKZclyhE71c2bvuMJu6jRtwyg1" # Exception when calling MessagingApi->send_sms: Bad Request [] Traceback (most recent call last): 6: from /Users/thoran/bin/sms:52:in `' 5: from /Users/thoran/bin/sms:39:in `main' 4: from /Users/thoran/lib/ruby/SMS.rb:42:in `deliver' 3: from /Users/thoran/lib/ruby/SMS/Service/Telstra.rb:75:in `deliver' 2: from /Users/thoran/.gem/ruby/2.5.3/gems/Telstra_Messaging- `get_sms_status' 1: from /Users/thoran/.gem/ruby/2.5.3/gems/Telstra_Messaging- `get_sms_status_with_http_info' /Users/thoran/.gem/ruby/2.5.3/gems/Telstra_Messaging- `call_api': Bad Request (Telstra_Messaging::ApiError) 

Not sure what's going wrong. I have followed the Ruby SDK examples and think I'm doing everything OK at my end. Ideas?


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by DeveloperSteve

Hi Bulk

Heres some sample code that might help, did you provision a number on the api keys first?

require 'Telstra_Messaging'

api_instance =

client_id = "" # String | 

client_secret = "" # String | 

grant_type = "client_credentials" # String | 

result = api_instance.auth_token(client_id, client_secret, grant_type)

Telstra_Messaging.configure do |config|
  # Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: auth
  config.access_token = result.access_token

api_instance =

#activate number 
arr = {'activeDays' => 10}

body =

result = api_instance.create_subscription(body)
p result

api_instance =

arr = {'to': 'mobile number', 'body' => 'hello world'};

payload =

result = api_instance.send_sms(payload)
p result


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