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Cant get Oauth to work

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by Daniel

Cant get Oauth to work
Hi I am using the shell script examples (as a santy check) and I can not seem to get Oauth to work. I created an app copied the client_id and client id and client secret and it seem to not work. I get a { "error": "invalid_client" }. Thinks for any help. Regards Daniel  

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by Robyn

Same bug here
Hello everybody I have already tried trial, paid, production and you name it key/secret pairs, getting the exact same error.. Could anybody please explain me, why is Telstra full of annoying bugs and issues. Or maybe I'm just fed up with all the incomprehensible documentation and unknowingly doing something wrong? Because I'm trying to make it work and time is ticking..  What is the difference between client key, id and secret? Why is there no example of the keys supplied, their origin and what they should look like, how long etc? Why does not documentation have specs for trial and payg differences? If there are any? Docs only for trial!? And finally why is this editor annoying me with buggy new line function?

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi smithgolddd

Yep sorry about that ill get the docs updated, it looks like the & between the body post vars is being parsed. 

Try this one 

# Obtain these keys from the Telstra Developer Portal
CLIENT_KEY="your client key"
CLIENT_SECRET="your client secret"

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
-d 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=$CLIENT_KEY&client_secret=$CLIENT_SECRET&scope=NSMS' \

Also dont forget to chmod to make it executable if you are saving as a .sh file 

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi smithgolddd

We've updated the sample code in the docs, thanks again for finding it and letting us know.

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