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Multiple Timestamp Formats

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by paul

Multiple Timestamp Formats
Is there a Reason you use multiple different Timestamp formats? So Far i have found ISO8601, ISO8601 Extended, and Unix time stamp formats used in the different responses i get from send sms messages.  

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by David

Hi there,

Hi there,

Are you looking at SMS Replies? Or Delivery Receipt timestamps?

These should be in ISO8601 extended format (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.nnnnnn+|-hh:mm)

On SMS Replies you should get a format as such;

"sentTimestamp": "2019-04-01T16:58:16+10:00"

On Delivery Receipts you should get a format like this;

        "sentTimestamp": "2019-04-04T15:46:53+10:00",
        "receivedTimestamp": "2019-04-04T15:46:52+10:00",

We do have a different expiry time format for the time left on the provisioned dedicated number, which will come back as number of days active.

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