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Cannot provision: no destination MSISDNs specified

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by Chacha

Cannot provision: no destination MSISDNs specified
Hi, I am trying to create a provision number from python SDK and i am getting a response as follows: {'description': 'no destination MSISDNs specified',  'destination_address': None,  'expiry_date': 1571200042789.0} I am able to create a token which i am using in the code. ########CODE###### # Configure OAuth2 access token for authorization: auth configuration = Telstra_Messaging.Configuration() configuration.access_token = 'MY_TOKEN'   # create an instance of the API class api_instance = Telstra_Messaging.ProvisioningApi(Telstra_Messaging.ApiClient(configuration)) provision_number_request = Telstra_Messaging.ProvisionNumberRequest() # ProvisionNumberRequest | A JSON payload containing the required attributes   try:     # Create Subscription     api_response = api_instance.create_subscription(provision_number_request)     pprint(api_response) except ApiException as e:     print("Exception when calling ProvisioningApi->create_subscription: %s\n" % e)

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by Mark

I am having the issue of
I am having the issue of response  "no destination MSISDNs specified" today, as is a friend of mine.  Previously generated token keypairs continue to work correctly, but newly created ones will not provision and give that error.  We are both novices, and are using the postman interface to generate the auth tokens (appears to work correctly) and the Create Subscription requests (again, works fine for older codes, new ones we generate recieve this error and do not provision)   Any suggestions?

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by Michelle

SOLUTION: no destination MSISDNs specified

Hey and  fifm3446,

This query has been resolved in a seperate forum post. Hope you were able to resolve it! 

Michelle from TelstraDev

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