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Is your Alphanumeric not working?

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by David

Is your Alphanumeric not working?

We've found a few customers ask about why the alphanumeric "from" field doesn't work for them and they are simply provided a "NOT-PROVISIONED" error.

If you're a customer on the free trial, or using PAYG on Credit Card, alphanumeric will not work.

To use the alphanumeric feature you'll need to switch over to be a Telstra Account customer (and receive a Telstra Bill). Of course, if you want to be a Telstra Account customer just contact our TelstraDev team at We'll get you to provide some further information to help set-up your account, and then we can switch you over so you can start using alphanumeric.


The TelstraDev Team

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by Michelle

Messaging API: Free Trial vs Paid Plans

Thanks David!

We've made some updates to the Messaging API specs to make it even clearer what you get from the Paid version of Messaging API keys:

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