APIdays is a two day conference looking at the wide range of business and technology opportunities that web APIs open up. 
Businesses are using technology for competitive advantage and APIs are now at the centre of just about everything they do.
APIdays provides an opportunity for developers, architects and change agents to learn from local thought leaders and international experts over 2 days, 2 streams, 4 keynotes, 36 speakers, workshops and exhibitions.
Business topics include
- fostering new digital business models,
- engaging with mobile customers and employees,
- delivering open data and connected government services,
- achieving agility using SaaS and Cloud.
Technology topics include:
- designing APIs for engagement, productivity and longevity,
- fostering passionate developer communities,
- ensuring your APIs are scalable, robust, reliable and secure,
- using containers and microservices,
- connecting devices and the Internet of Things.
APIdays speakers are some of the leading practitioners and thought leaders from Australia and overseas including:
- Mike Amundsen, Chief API Architect of CA Technologies,
- Tom Quinn, CIO of News Corp Australia,
- Mark O'Neill, VP Innovation at Axway,
- Ross Dawson, author, futurist and business strategy advisor,
- Kin Lane, US Presidential Innovation Fellow and API Evangelist,
- Frank Arrigo, API Evangelist at Telstra.
Full details about speakers, the program and tickets are available at
At $300 for two days, the tickets are amazingly good value because we are concentrating on building the API community. But hurry because early-bird tickets end on January 17th. After that they go up to $350.