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BUG(s): Radius limit not implemented, Locations not sorted correctly
According to the docs, The radius is in meters with a maximum value of 2000. After some testing, it appears that the 2000 (metre) maximum is not implemented. Where I live (South-Western Sydney) it returns 0 results for 2000 (which is likely correct). Using a value of 5000 or 10000 returns 10 results as one might expect, but 10000 and 5000 do not return the same results, which suggests to me that the results are not sorted based on distance from the geopoint I supplied before being limited. I believe it's normal to expect something like this to return the nearest 10 results.

Hi jd, thanks heaps for

Hi jd, thanks heaps for testing this API too and posting these! You're correct about the radius limit - we'll look into get this updated soon.

As for the results, they should be returning the nearest 10 results, with the list ordered from nearest to furthest. I've had a try with these two locations:

  • https://api.telstra.com/v1/wifi/hotspots?lat=-34.024150&long=150.770071&radius={radius}
  • https://api.telstra.com/v1/wifi/hotspots?lat=-33.996213&long=150.781898&radius={radius}

I've changed the radius for the requests and compared the results - they look correct to me (i.e. the lists were ordered the same). Would be great if you can provide an example with the parameters you're using where the output does not seem correct.

Edit 26/4/2016: We've updated the documentation to remove the 2000m limit. Any distance can be used now, but it'll still only return the 10 closest results (if there are any).

- Becky, T.DEV

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