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Current Issues Send SMS

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by Earvin

Current Issues Send SMS
Hi, Is there a current issue with sending Sms'? I am able to successfully send a message with replyRequest set to false, however when set to true I get the following response:   {     "status": 400,     "message": "Unable to complete MessageReply function - no message sent",     "code": "DELIVERY-IMPOSSIBLE" }       Our application has always used this configuration but recently today stopped working. I am able to replicate the same scenario in postman. Furthermore, using the same access token I have tried to access the healcheck endpoint but I get a 401 unauthorized.    

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by Michelle

Follow up on sending SMS issue

Hi earvin_pepito can you please confirm if this is still an issue?

I trust it has been resolved by now, but if not please send us an email for further debugging

Sorry for the delay! We're back on deck now.

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