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Git Init TelstraDev portal

BY drupal admin 24 October 2017

Hello, my name is Steven Cooper, also known as DeveloperSteve, and I am the new API and Platform Evangelist at Telstra. After recently coming from being a CTO at a start-up and running developer relations at PayPal and Xero, I know the importance of having the right tools and resources in place for developers. This is why it’s so exciting to be building a developer community at an iconic company, Telstra, which touches on so many people throughout Australia and also the world.

All good things begin with an init and by no means is this any exception. We are really excited to release the new look TelstraDev, the home for all our Telstra API’s and everything developer. David Freeman and the team behind the API’s have worked around the clock on getting the new portal up and running.

As a fellow developer and having been involved with hackathons and developer communities throughout the world, I not only know what devs are capable of but I’ve seen it first-hand.

Which is why the work behind our new portal has been extra important for us. We want to make it as streamlined as possible to sign up to access API keys, also access things like documentation and code samples as easily and quickly as possible.

let’s take a closer look at the new look messaging API

Those familiar with our first foray into the land of the API will be familiar with how the v1 worked. Based on the feedback from that we have made some changes to how the v2 works.

First step with the new API, beyond authentication, is provisioning a number to send messages from. This is unique to your account and also has the added bonus of having a notify URL with attached call back data.

It’s basically a web hook that means when a response comes in from a user to your provisioned number it will automatically send to your nominated URL and you can handle the request automatically.

Send message now has more options as well which will allow you to do some more funky options when sending a message like being able to schedule delivery, prioritise and also put a validity timeout with all messages joining a queue for processing.

And to top it all off you can even send multiple messages all in one go meaning less API calls and a lot more functionality.

Check out the docs here and take it for a spin. You can even have your first 1000 SMS free on us.

This is the first of many changes that we are working on with some even more exciting things to come, a few really exciting things to be announced really soon. So, don’t you go anywhere.

We want to hear from you!

Reach out via one of our contact methods on the support page and let us know any thoughts or ideas to help make the portal better or if there’s and suggestions to the API’s and documentation.

Also, you can follow us via twitter @TelstraDev…

One last thing ….

Hey, I couldn’t finish my first blog post without throwing in a dev joke, could I?

How do trees check for errors?

……..via a log file