Mobile Connect Introduction

Mobile Connect allows you to provide social login to your application or service by allowing end users to use their mobile telephone to login and authenticate rather than the conventional username and password. Mobile Connect allows customers of all participating mobile network operators around the world to login in to your application, the relevant mobile operator is discovered via the Mobile Connect API Exchange.

Mobile Connect is easy to implement. This first release provides simple authentication for your application by using an SMS to and from your end users mobile phone as the authentication mechanism.

When you are ready to test or deploy Mobile Connect in your solution you will need to register your application. By registering your application the details will be forwarded to the GSMA API Exchange and any authorisation request will be re-routed to the appropriate network operator, even if the customer is not on the Telstra network.

You must also review and agree to the Terms of Service and make sure you read and agree to the Mobile Connect Privacy Principles

mobile connect promise

The Mobile Connect Promise

The Mobile Connect service will simplify consumers’ lives, offering a single, trusted, mobile phone number-based authentication solution that fully respects their online privacy. The Mobile Connect promise is built around 3 core benefits – convenience, security and privacy.

Mobile Connect is the convenient way to protect your digital identity, giving you the confidence to do more with your mobile life.

Mobile Connect enables consumers to easily manage logins and authentications enabling their digital lives without compromising privacy.

Mobile Connect leverages the inherent security of the unique authentication capabilities of mobile networks with a simple, yet secure, login and authentication mechanism

API Services

Mobile Connect uses the OpenID Connect standard; it is similar to other authentication/identity services that are often incorporated into applications and services with a major difference, authentication is performed by the user of a mobile phone.

Mobile Connect is not only for Telstra subscribers, international reach is provided by each individual mobile network operator with a standardised discovery interface. Telstra is the first network operator in Australia to provide this service, therefore Mobile Connect can only be targeted at users on the Telstra mobile network.

To implement Mobile Connect you will primarily use these APIs:

  • The Logo API provides a convenient way to incorporate the Mobile Connect service mark into your solution to show users you support Mobile Connect as an authentication option. (Reference:
  • The Discovery API allows your solution to identify the mobile network being used and whether Mobile Connect is available for that network/ user. It also provides your application or service with the URL's for the Mobile Connect service corresponding with the user's network.. (Reference:
  • The Mobile Connect Authentication and Identity API that allows the user to authenticate access to your application or service using their Mobile Connect user account.

Mobile Connect APIs are based on RESTful API principles. Each API is provided through 'Network Services' working over HTTP protocols so that you can incorporate Mobile Connect in your applications/ services irrespective of the programming language or operating system you are using for development.

Example Applications

T.DEV's Mobile Connect demo application: and source code
GSMA Mobile Connect demonstration:

The Mobile Connect Promise

Privacy Principles and License Terms

Make sure you read and agree to the Mobile Connect Privacy Principles and License Terms