Mobile Network Security API Introduction

Telstra Mobile Network Security monitors your fleet of smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices for security threats without relying on apps or clients. With security in-built to the Telstra Mobile Network you can have confidence that all of your registered devices are looked out for, wherever they’re connected to the network.

The solution compares mobile data traffic against millions of recognised security signatures and, if a threat is detected, the details of the threat alert can be retrieved via the API.

When the security threat has been successfully removed from the device, it can be cleared using the API so that Telstra continues to monitor the device should that same threat occur again.

Customer Onboarding

To use this API you must subscribe to the Telstra Mobile Network Security product as follows:

  1. Request access to the Telstra OrderExpress portal and select that the API is required on that form. You will receive credentials to both the OrderExpress portal and the API
  2. Using the OrderExpress portal, place an order for the Telstra mobile post paid services you wish to have monitored on the mobile network. It takes 24 hours for mobile services to be setup in the network for monitoring
  3. Using the API you can then query those monitored mobile services for security threats


  Monthly Fees (including GST)
Monthly Base Fee (charged monthly in advance) $1,500 per customer per month
Monthly Service Fee (charged monthly in advance) 35c per Eligible Service per month

You can cancel the Mobile Network Security product at any time, but you must pay for any usage incurred in a month.

There are no additional fees for using the API.


To use this API you must meet have an OrderExpress account and be subscribed to the Telstra Mobile Network Security product.

Pre-paid, consumer and Telstra Control Centre SIMs are not currently supported for monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I query the API for security threats?
A: A maximum of 5 times per minute.

How do I get support?
A: If the API is not working per specifications, or you have misplaced credentials please contact our helpdesk during business hours.

Why do we need to clear security alerts using the API?
A: When Telstra identifies a security threat we only issue one security alert for that particular threat and wait until it’s cleared before monitoring the same security threat again. Once a threat is removed from a device, you can use the API to clear the alert so Telstra continues to monitor that particular threat.