The Mobile Network Security API allows Telstra customers who have subscribed to the Mobile Network Security product to monitor their subscribers for security threats and clear security threats.


To get an OAuth 2.0 Authentication token, pass through your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret that you received when you registered for the SMS API key. The grant_type should be left as ‘client_credentials’. The token will expire in one hour.


Get Subscribers

This API supports querying whether a subscriber has a security service. To get subscriber information, set 'application/json' in Content-Type header and 'Bearer ' as a Bearer token in Authorization header. You can also add 'page' (default 1) and 'pageSize' (default 500) as query parameters in the request for retrieving results with pagination.

This API also supports Search Criteria (filter) in request body. Set empty json '{}' in the request body even when you don't use search criteria.

  • mobileNumber
  • imei
  • serialNumber
  • startDateTime
  • endDateTime

Get Security Threats

This API supports querying security threats. To get security threats, use request headers, query parameters and body as demonstrated in Get Subscribers endpoint above. Only the endpoint url (host) is different.


Clear a Security Threat

This API supports clearing a threat of a subscriber. To clear a security threat, set 'Bearer ' as a Bearer token in the request Authorization header. You must set the threatId of a security threat retrieved from Get Security Threats endpoint above.


200 OK with no response body.

However, the threat 'status' is updated to CLEAR, and 'dateTimeCleared' and 'clearedBy' fields are added to the security threat just reset by threatId.