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notifyURL - not receiving notifications

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by Neville

notifyURL - not receiving notifications

The issue I am having is related to the notifyURL.  The API documentation says notifyURL is exclusive to polling and dev.telstra never sends me any response to the notifyURL yet I can use polling to get the messageStatus.


I can send a test message from an external machine using the example format below and this works. 


curl -d '{"to":"+61412345678","from":"+6142333444","body":"test reply to message","sentTimestamp":"2020-06-29T21:15:05","messageID":"AABBCD34658B9A9AC44578D0S34FF"}'

 When I send a response from the mobile phone I do not get anything at notifyURL.

The issue seems to be that the Telstra site is NOT sending anything to the notify URL.  I am using the following settings as per the documentation for sending the SMS:


   $obj = new stdClass();

    $obj->to = $num;

    $obj->body = $bod;

    $obj->notifyURL = $url;

    $obj->replyRequest = true;

    $obj->priority = true;

    $obj->validity = 5;  

    $obj->scheduledDelivery = 1;

    $obj->receiptOff = false;


During provisioning I get the below error which has always been the case as I have a paid account and was using polling:

  'status' => '409',

  'code' => 'ACTIVE-DAYS-MAX',

  'message' => 'Your provisioned number is already active for more than five years.',


I have changed the phone numbers and messageID in the above info.  The intersting thing is that I can still poll and get status updates which the documentation said was mutually exclusive.  Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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by Neville

Michelle advised me to make a

Michelle advised me to make a new account.  Did so, used the new secret & key and now it all works fine.

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by Neville


New API and used new key/secret.  Works perfectly.  Thanks Michelle.

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