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notifyURL port number

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by Neville

notifyURL port number
The server we are using needs authentication to gain access, port 80 has been allocated and is not available.  Is it possible for nortifyURL to include a port number and how do we arrange authentication?   The example curl X POST has "notifyURL":"".  Can we use ""    

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi ntm

Sorry for not getting back sooner and hope you had a happy holidays, 

Is there something on the server like Nginx that you can use as a passthrough? 

The notifyURL servers on our side operate as an array of IPs so you wont be able to list a range, but you could read the notifyURL payload to identify the messageID and pass through to a script on your server. 

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by Neville

If I use NotifyURL "http:/

If I use NotifyURL "" will this work from your server?  The issue I have is port 80 is blocked on the server I am using.

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