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Receive messages from shortcode numbers

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by Damian

Receive messages from shortcode numbers


Is it possible to receive sms messages sent from a shortcode number?  In particular verification type messages where the sender is alphanumeric and not an internationally formatted number. 

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by Michelle

Resolved: Receive messages from shortcode numbers

Hi hello_2

I'd like to understand more about your question. Are you trying to send an SMS from a shortcode number using messaging API?

Or receive an SMS form a shortcode number using messaging API?


As of the moment, only the phone numbers in E.164 format are allowed. This can be in the international format and in local format (Australian based format).

With regards to the alphanumeric sender, it is possible only in Australia with certain parameters:

1. This feature is only available on Telstra Account paid plans, not through Free Trials or a credit card paid plans.

You can refer to the messaging API documentation:

2. Alphanumeric identifiers will only reliably work in Australia, as many other countries (and thus carriers in those countries) around the world will block messages alphanumeric "from" addresses.

You can refer to this forum post:

3. Phone numbers in the "from" attribute will be blocked (400-error) to prevent number spoofing.

4. There are specific characters which are not allowed in the "from" attribute (space, <, >, etc)

5. If the "from" attribute is not present, the service will use the mobile number associated with the application (in E.164 format)

6. If replyRequest is set to true, then the "from" field should not be present.


Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have further questions or concern.

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