SMS API Introduction

The SMS API sends and receives SMS messages to Australian mobile phones. You can also query the status of a previously sent SMS message. The API will assign a number for each message that is being sent. There is no ability to set your own number or use a shortcode.

There is a limit of 1000 free SMS messages per month and 100 per day. Higher volumes, up to 10,000 messages per month, may be purchased

The first step to use the SMS API is to register. Once registered go to MyApps to create an app/API Key which uses the SMS API.

If you want your application to receive SMS messages it is important to register your call back URL, if you don't intend to receive SMS messages then this can be simply set to a dummy URL, such as If you need to change at a later time it can be edited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I receive responses to the SMS messages when I don’t have a dedicated mobile number?
A: The SMS API matches up the SENT number with the FROM number reply. As long as you correctly configure the callback URL, you will be notified if your recipient sends a reply. NB: This means you may only be notified of responses for the last message you've sent to the same customer. 

Q: Why does each message come from a different mobile phone number?
A: We have kept the API simple for our initial release. For future releases we will allow applications to set a dedicated number.