Please Note


With our v2 Messaging API in full production we are depreciating the v1 SMS API.

Please head to to sign up and get 1000 SMS/MMS for free.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I request new keys to get access to the SMS API?

A: No, as a part of the depreciation process, our first step is turning off new access to the SMS API.


Q: I already have access to SMS API, can I continue using my keys?

A: Yes, the SMS API is still up and running until the time we switch off the API.


Q: When will the SMS API be switched off?

A: The SMS API will be switched off in May 2018, where all the keys will expire during that month. All developers using SMS API will get a notification at least 60 days prior to the key expiry.


Q: Will each message come from different phone numbers in the v2 Messaging API similar to SMS API?

A: No, the new API will allow applications to send message from a dedicated provisioned number.


Q: How do I get access to the new v2 Messaging API?

A: Go to, register a new account and you will automatically have access to the Messaging API free tier.