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Welcoming in the New Year

BY DeveloperSteve Coochin 11 January 2018

Happy New year, I hope you had an awesome break and was able to recharge, reset and prepare for the year ahead. One thing I always love doing is looking back at the tech in the year that was and how that will map out for the year that will be.

Indeed, at TelstraDev we had a busy and strong wrap up to 2017 with the release of three API groups to the developer portal API family:

In the final days of 2017 we also pushed the 20th repo to the Telstra github with SDKs covering languages like Ruby, Python, PHP, .Net2 and Node for The Programmable Network API’s and Messaging. For all our SDK’s, Sample Apps and more check out our github

Our developer portal has undergone a bunch of changes since the initial launch. With more to come including Tokenised Credit Card options to make purchasing PAYG plans easier and faster than ever before. This is to help streamline and speed up getting up and running faster especially important with some new API’s and products we will be announcing soon.

As we move into the new year there’s a few new things that we will be doing including a new Mini vid series called TelstraDev in 2 mins. Its aimed at bringing short videos which will include news and updates, interviews and event coverage.

Of course one of the things we will be doing more of this year is developer events, in the wrap up to last year we were able to get along to some awesome meetups and chat all things tech at places like The Web Meetup, Brisbane iOT, Brisbane Ruby, Junior Developer Meetup, and Startcon…… Also we heard you all liked hackathons so here’s our….  Heh Stay tuned for more on that soon.

And last but not least (and how could I not forget) we will be adding to our TelstraDev stickers with some new ones waiting to go as we add new and exciting API’s to our growing catalogue, also some cool swag and extra special T-Shirts.

That’s about it for now and remember as always May the source be with you....

Time to finish on another dev joke (Don’t worry I still have many many more)….

Well I would have told you the one about the minified JS but it’s a little scripted.