WiFi API Introduction

The WiFi API allows you to discover Telstra WiFi Hotspots near a specified location [*]. Given the latitude and longitude coordinates and the radius you want to search around it, the API will return a list of WiFi hotspots in that area. This API will only return hotspots in Australia owned by Telstra.

For more information on Telstra WiFi Hotspots, please visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What coordinate system is used for the latitude and longitude inputs?
A: The WSG84 standard is used with the Decimal Degrees format. Example inputs:

  • latitude: -37.818496
  • longitude: 144.953240

Q: What is the limit of records returned in the response ?
A: The number of records in the response is limited to 10.

[*] Telstra does not guarantee that the list of WiFi hotspots is up to date. For example, new hotspots may not appear in the list. This is because there can be a delay in the update to the latest available data on hotspots.