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Mobile Connect



Get User Authorisation

The first step when using the Mobile Connect API is to seek authorisation from the end user to share their unique Telstra credential with your application - which in the current implementation is a unique subscriber number (no personal information such as names are shared).   The /authorize end point will respond with a 302 redirect to a Telstra hosted form that prompts the user to enter their mobile phone number. The end-user will then receive an SMS asking them to reply with a 4-digit code. Once the correct code is received another 302 redirect will be issued to send the end-user back to the URL specified in the redirect_uri parameter.     For more detailed information on the parameters, refer to the Getting Started Guide.  


Get Access Token

This endpoint obtains an access token by exchanging the authorisation code obtained in authorisation


Get User Information

This step allows the application (through the use of the token obtained from the /token endpoint) to retrieve attributes that describe the user.   In the current implementation of Mobile Connect only the unique Telstra subscriber identifier is returned. This identifier is what you would initially store against a user in your database, and then going forward would be used to determine who the person trying to authenticate into your application.     Future implementations are planned to return more information about the user which Telstra knows and stores.