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Reply callbacks are not working 2

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by Manoj

Reply callbacks are not working 2
Hi guys, I am still strugelling to get replies working. Earlier I was using ngrok and got to know that it could be something to do with cors. However, now I am using an aws lambda function where cors is allowed to '*'. I am still facing the same issue. here is a sample payload {   "from":"+6147xxxxxxx",   "to":"614xxxxxxx",   "validity":"60",   "replyRequest":"true",   "priority":false,   "notifyURL":"",     "body":"Hi I am testing telstra api 3" } Please note that delivery recipets are working fine. I have this problem only with replies. Thank you! 

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi manoj.perera

When you set the notifyURL try putting a / on the end of the URL and it should work 

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