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Provisioning number

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by Carlos

Provisioning number
I have two questions about provisioning numbers:
  1. I'm seeing an issue, where when I create 2 (or more) applications on the telstra dev web site they are provisioned with the same number. I haven't been able to pin point the exact issue. The application that's created second seems to be the one that's able to send/receive messages. I think the issue might only occur when I create two applications back-to-back. If I wait a while (and make some API requests with the 1st application) the second application is correctly allocated a new number. Can you please try to reproduce this issue and advise whether there's a work around or whether a fix is planned?
  2. I'm seeing that new provision number requests allocate numbers sequentially in the 0472880XXX range. It looks like the numbers might recycle, once 0472880999 is reached. Is this correct? Are there any ACMA guidelines on recycling used numbers, eg waiting a certain time period, etc? Is the number pool shared between the free tier/payg tier/enterprise tier (it looks like it is shared)? Is there a way to request a unique number pool for a new company profile? A pool of 999 numbers doesn't seem like a lot to me and I'm concerned about receiving replies intended for someone else as well as other people receiving replies from my applications that are no longer in use. I think the main concern here is privacy (eg when using the API for 2 factor authentication, an unintented sms recipient could subsequently orchestrate a password reset attack). I'm still deciding on whether it's a legitimate concern for my application.

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by David

Hi Carlos,

Hi Carlos,

That's interesting, and I'll look into it. Each set of API keys is unique and should get unique mobile numbers for that set of keys. I will investigate and get back as to why 2 x keys created, one immediately after the other, seem to get the same dedicated number.

In answer to your 2nd set of questions;

  • Yes, the numbers are from particular number blocks. New blocks may be provisioned at any time though, so it cannot be guaranteed that the numbers are sequential.
  • Numbers that expire will be recycled. We quarantine numbers for no less than 90-days before they are allowed to be recycled.
  • The blocks of numbers for free-tier versus paid are shared, however with free-tier the numbers expire after 30-days (recycling is still 90-days).
  • With regards to the pool of numbers, we are not limited to only the block of 1,000 numbers.


The TelstraDev Team

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by Carlos

Good to know about the number
Good to know about the number recycling - thanks for the info!
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