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failing to send - HTTP500 - Proxy Error

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by Dan

failing to send - HTTP500 - Proxy Error
Hi,  I have been sending SMS successfully using the V2 SMS API ( until just within the last hour, where I am now getting the following error. This looks to be some Internal Telstra proxy as it references some 'v1/sms/outbound' URI, and I get it when I execute the sms command from multiple locations on different internet connections:   Proxy Error \nThe proxy server could not handle the request POST /messaging/v1/sms/outbound/acr:GtfKbtuT1W5uGhuR8jUS7b6k8Zf1mDVm/requests. \nReason: Error during SSL Handshake with remote server \n\n"

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi Dan, 

Hi Dan, 

Apologies we had an unplanned outage yesterday, we should have a API status page released soon to help with planned and unplanned status alerts. 


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