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Analytics and number of SMS messages sent

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by Mark

Analytics and number of SMS messages sent
I've just started with v2 of the messaging API and using the trial plan. I've successfully sent about 5 SMS messages today. When I go to Analytics and try and find out how many SMS messages I've sent I don't see that metric. The nearest metric I can see is message_count, however this shows a total for today of 53.  I'm considering upgrading to the paid option, but if message_count is the number for which I'll get charged (at 6c per message), then this is way too expensive. How do I find how many actual SMS messages I have sent via Analytics? Thanks, Mark

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by DeveloperSteve

Hi Mark, 

Hi Mark, 

Investigated this further with the team and found a bug into that count you are looking at, the actually billing count (that uses the free tier counter) doesnt use this same method (so you will only be charged for what you use). Theres a fix being looked at and will be deployed to fix the counter issue. 

In the meantime if you export to CSV it will show the correct count. 

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